Frequently Asked Questions

How do I tune in?

You need 3 things! 1, High speed internet or reliable 3G/4G connection, 2, a nice media player and finally, a nice set of headphones, a nice set of speakers, or even one of those neat wireless systems that can do it all. Visit our site, click some of the playlist links and you should be tuned in in no time. There are a lot of services also have us listed. To name a few: Sonos, iTunes, TuneIn, Audio Realm.

How do I requests songs?

Go to our request page by clicking the link. There you will be presented with a playlist of songs that you can request. There are some limits to what can be requested, so if a song or artist recently played, you may have to wait for the option to request an artist or song again. You also have to be very careful about how you request since the ISP is very fussy, so if you spam or flood requests, you may be blocked by our ISP from further requests. When that happens, we have no control over it, so we can’t do a thing for you. TIP: keep requests down to a minimum of 3 or 4, and keep it nice and slow. Sometimes you may also want to find a song, and can’t. I learned that using underscores works. Keep that in mind when using the touchy search engine.

I am blocked from the request site. What do I do?

As mentioned above, spamming or flooding the request system will do that. Do nothing! Don't even look at the request page for 3-4 days, sometimes it clears up that way! Read above, and take it easy!

What age range is AnimeAMAZE appropriate for?

Normally 13 and up! Anyone under 13, it is suggested that you have a parent or guardian be with you. We are generally family friendly for all audiences but since this is the Internet, our shows are live and content is unedited. To register on the forums, you MUST be 13 or older!

Privacy policy?

View our privacy policy. Please note we reserve the right to modify this at any time without prior notice. You will be notified via the website in the event this changes.