Sponsor AnimeAMAZE

Sponsors contribute to the funding of AnimeAMAZE and back the station with financial support. Their name is associated with the success of AnimeAMAZE.

Why should I sponsor AnimeAMAZE?
AnimeAMAZE asks for very little throughout the year, and as we grow larger, our needs grow as well. In order to keep up with demands, we need a regular and predictable income flow.

Your sponsorship to AnimeAMAZE involves:

  • Donation on a regular basis (usually monthly)
  • If you are a site operator you can have your banner show up on our pages.
  • If you are an individual who just loves the station, your name will show as a supporter.
  • You may show up as anonymous (or under a nickname) if you wish
  • Top supporters get higher banner rotation, and/or name in top 5 list

How do I sponsor?

Fill out the amount you wish to donate and the frequency. Once you finish the transaction, stick around for the confirmation page for special instructions.
Do you need to end your sponsorship?
Times are not easy...Totally understandable! In the favor of easy things, here is a button to stop your sponsorship! Thank you for all you have done! It will not go unnoticed