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08/20/2015 11:04 AM

News and Updates • Show Friday Night [8/21 10PM EDT]

I forgot to make the post so I am going to make it brief!

I had a dream that I made one on Tuesday...Guess I didn't...

Hope to see you all there on Friday 8/21 at 10PM EDT :afro:

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08/01/2015 06:21 PM

News and Updates • Lazy Days of Summer Show [8/7 10PM EDT]

August reminds me of being the more relaxing days of Summer. June is usually when school let out for me, and it would be a month full of getting into a summer routine, maybe some work for some summer spending cash, and also usually vacations. July, Well after some of the Holidays, things seem to slow down, but the days get hotter and hotter. August, things seem a bit slower as school will be beginning again, days get a bit cooler, and really, for the next couple of months, you want to relax. AnimeAMAZE can help you relax. I to want to relax and what is more relaxing than chilling with AnimeAMAZE listeners and sharing some great music with you all? Between my home improvement projects, and work, It will be nice to finally sit and relax for a while!

So Tune in August 7th (Friday) at 10PM EDT for some good summer fun! New music will be here, requests can be made whenever (and will be played whenever), and IRC will be open to chat! What could be more relaxing?

Hope to see you there!

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07/09/2015 08:51 PM

News and Updates • Info about 7/9 Emergency Maintenance

UPDATE: Requests now work. Some configuration needed to be done! Requests will work in time for the show Saturday, 7/11 at 10PM EDT

So as you all know the station was down for about 3 hours. The problem we experienced was RAID issues. The building the station was being hosted in was a little unique, and after several power outages, even on nice days, I think somewhere along the way the RAID array became messed up a bit.

Among other issues with the place it is hosted, I had to be my own admin and take care of it, and how can I take care of something when I don't have full access and started to kick people out? Not to mention, dirty power is no good. It is also haunted I am pretty sure. So out of the creepy place, and to a bit of a more technological setting with 24 hour access, AnimeAMAZE was moved to a place with a cleaner, better power connection, 24/7 access, and a solid connection to the internet, with a fine level of security.

Only thing you should know is Requests are down until I can get stuff set up for myself at that building since the IP's are all different.

But for Saturdays Show I will have a request page working that will connect directly to my live station!

That is the news bit for the evening!

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07/08/2015 08:09 PM

News and Updates • The 7/11 Show [7/11 10PM EDT]

Really there is not much thought into this shows name. I even tried to look up July 11th holiday or celebration day and I only came up with a strange list of things. July 11th is recognized as "7-Eleven (Free Slurpee) Day", All American Pet Photo Day, Cheer up the Lonely Day, Cow Appreciation Day (2nd Friday of July), National Blueberry Muffin Day, World Population Day. There is plenty to celebrate but there are too many to choose from.

That is not all for July. July 7th through the 14th is Creative Maladjustment Week which is mostly celebrated on July 14th, but was given an entire week. The full second week of July is an honor to Nude Recreation Week (Monday - Sunday) and National Ventriloquism Week (Wednesday - Saturday) which are all wonderful things in this world we live in. Not sure I would participate in Nude Recreation Week but I would honor ventriloquists. They are very talented. People on Google claim Dan Horn is the worlds best ventriloquist but there is a HUGE list.

So Anyway, I lost my train of thought, and the whole point I am trying to make here is that there will be a show Saturday on July 11 at 10PM EDT. We'll celebrate everything, down to debating who deserves the worlds best ventriloquist award (Which I wonder if that is a thing)

Tune in and be ready!

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06/30/2015 09:26 PM

News and Updates • Requests are Working Again

They are working again. I guess the stars aligned correctly and solved the me, but it works so I won't complain. :afro:

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