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03/25/2015 08:54 PM

News and Updates • Enter Your Weekend With Sirby [3/27 10PM EDT]

It's time for a nice little weekend show again. Strange thing is I can not think of anything to name this show after. There is a lot to talk about though. One thing is, we are HALF WAY to our needed goal to keep us on air through May. So being nearly half way there, ($66.30 away) we have to do our best for these donations.

So to do our best, the best way is to give you all a neat introduction to the weekend. So welcome to a weekend start with Sirby. There will be new music, fun stories, requests, and dedications as usual, and of course, a lot of fun.

So prepare for your fun weekend by spending it with me, Sirby, Friday March 27th at 10PM EDT (GMT +05:00)

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03/13/2015 07:40 PM

News and Updates • Spring Equinox Celebration [3/20 9:30PM EDT]

I will be blunt when I say this, but...IT HAS BEEN A LONG :cuss: WINTER!

Nothing but snow and cold and being from Vermont, I can stand winter! I used to walk a mile to school in -30 C ( around -20 F) weather with my nice warm coat, and I used my studio type of headphones as my ear muffs. Lovely sounding warmth. But really, this Winter seemed colder than usual. So cold, I feel I could have measured the temperature in Kelvin. Only problem is in Kelvin the temp would have been 243 makes it sound warmer.

At any rate, Spring is finally coming. To celebrate this coming of Spring we have to spring forward ourselves with an AnimeAMAZE show.

In this show I will be begging for donations, as well as playing new music and keeping the tunes fresh and...springy...lets just say they will be cool, just not cold. Need to heat things up just for Spring, and transition on to Summer.

Join us Friday for fun celebration of warmer weather to come, and the best seasons of all where everything is full of color, and magic (I love spring and summer so it's magic to me) and together we will welcome Spring! Be here 9:30PM EDT on Friday March 20th!

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02/24/2015 09:42 PM

News and Updates • Donations Please (Needed This Summer!)


It has come to the time of the year when we are in need of some donations. AnimeAMAZE has been purely run off donations, sponsors, and personal income for 10 years. AnimeAMAZE asks for very little throughout the year, but donations keep the station running. Donations cover everything from operating the website, operating the station itself, shoutcast host (What you are listening on), and the domain ( the whole .com thing). A huge thank you will go out to our Donors The Mono Room and YOJI MIKUNI. With their total monthly support, we have a total of $10 predictable income per month. Though our sponsors can always cancel out at any time, I like to break down the total needed, and anything extra can only help with hardware, software, and any further expenses down the road.

Here is what is needed: $209.08

Here is how this number breaks down and why the vague figure of Summer is used.

Web host: $132.40
Our web host is operated in Chicago on a network that hosts game servers. What AnimeAMAZE has with this host is a Virtual Private Server (VPS) and that server is hosting the podcasts. We are on a very strong gigabit connection and connected to a strong backbone on the Internet. What that provides is a fast download of podcasts. This is also giving us a hosting package for free with this VPS. So this works best for content delivery, and hosting the site. Our plan is due for renewal in May. May 7th to be exact, but bank transfers from paypal take about 5 days, This amount is needed by May 1st.

Shoutcast: $45.00
This is our semi annual 6 month payment to our lovely host over at neostreams. They have been our host for a very long time, I can't even begin to recall how many years. This amount is due by June

Domain: $31.68
This is for and Why keep the two? People have been going to the .net for a long time, it has kind of become the staple. People have also been heading to the .com before it existed...oddly enough. To keep this alive for a little while longer (The .net hits have not dwindled down too low yet) this will cover the donations for 1 year. That is fine enough for me. I like having 2 years, but I am sure with donations and money from our sponsors, this can be doubled to cover the 2 years. This amount is due by September

This is the 10th year AnimeAMAZE has been on air, and we will be celebrating that in May (May 26th is the exact date.)

Without a website, we will not be on air either. So really, we need the website donation goal reached as soon as possible! Everything helps too! Even if you just mention AnimeAMAZE to friends and family who may like it, word travels fast! With your help, AnimeAMAZE can celebrate a wonderful 10th birthday, and I can't even begin to express my thanks to everyone who has supported us over the years, and a big thank you to our sponsors for helping with a predictable income, and helped pay for a lot behind the scenes that make the station run.

Thank you again and if you can, please donate!

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02/24/2015 06:41 PM

News and Updates • Farewell February [9:30PM EST 2/27]

With February leaving us, March already seems to be coming in like a Lion. Why not escort February out to make room for this beast of a season!

What will March Bring us? March should bring us warmer weather (hopefully), but it also brings the point where some participating areas set their clocks ahead and leave 2AM in the dust :hand: but that means more daylight, and ultimately to me, it means summer is on it's way!

Celebration will include some new music, requests, and a fun night of radio! Tune in, have fun, and enjoy the ride :afro:

The show begins at 9:30PM EST and of course, we will be in IRC chatting it up Friday Night

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02/19/2015 08:14 AM

News and Updates • Saturday With Sirby [2/21 9:30PM EST]

:afro: or :mono:

To be fair, I have a hard time always naming shows, and sometimes, I just think the most basic idea of what a show is works well. So This will be a Saturday evening, and you will be with me, Sirby! What better way to spend the weekend! New music, we can also discuss the news, anime, we can talk about the weather...anything really. If you hop into IRC, we can also discuss the show as it happens, so not only will you be spending the evening, with me, you will be spending it with good people!

Tune in Saturday Night Feb 21 at 9:30PM EST and brace yourself for the happiness that will fill your ears! Or something like that!

Good news is the problems with the live casts have been more or less solved, so expect things to work from the get go! At least I am.

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